Contemporary Worship Team

Our Mission in Ministry
The TFUMC Contemporary Worship Team aims to serve Christ in His church by providing a free Worship Experience. Music is chosen to tie into the themes of the Pastor’s Scripture and Sermon to strengthen the spiritual learning each week. We Worship with music from the Contemporary Christian catalogue, as well as modern settings of traditional hymns.
But our goal is not just to perform a concert; we want to truly act as lead Worshippers, so that others may join us in Worship. We want our congregation to sing — songs are placed in keys that are comfortable for all to sing along. Before we lead Worship, we pray that through our efforts, the congregation would better connect with and see the Face of God, that they may know their Creator and develop a relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

The Team
The Contemporary Worship Team mostly comprises two volunteer groups: musicians and technicians. Although neither group requires a formal audition, training and a process of Incorporation is required to join the team. The Praise Team is led by Director of Worship Tim Peck, and the Technical Team is led by Producer Jonathon Gandy.

Rehearsals, Team Member Scheduling, and Planning Center
Rehearsals are usually Wednesday nights 6:00pm-7:30pm and Sunday at 7:30am (prior to the Sunday Service @ 8:45am). Team members are usually scheduled to serve on the Praise Team one-to-two times monthly (depending on the team member’s preferences and availability) for both rehearsals and the Sunday Service. Schedules are usually made one month in advance, for an entire month.
The Director of Worship uses the online/mobile platform Planning Center to communicate with and schedule team members, as well as provide audio and visual resources for music study of weekly sets.

Whether you sing, play an instrument, or both, you’re encouraged to join! Besides vocalists, our team usually includes Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Bass, Drums. Vocalists will be asked to sing alone and with a group. Vocalists of all types and background welcome!

A Contemporary Service does not run properly without several trained, skilled volunteers helping behind the scenes! At TFUMC, we greatly value the work of our technicians. Volunteers will be trained to operate our computer using ProPresenter (displaying lyrics, slides, and videos throughout the service), lighting program, and audio console.

Worship Team Members as Church Participants
Members of the Worship Team are encouraged and expected to participate regularly in activities at Thomasville First United Methodist even when not serving on the Worship Team that week. Spiritual health and commitment to the church, as we are called to do in The Bible, are of priority as Worship Leaders.

Joining Our Team — Incorporation Process
If you’d like to be part of our Praise Team, come to one of our services! See if you enjoy the Worship Experience! Come speak with Tim and feel free to ask lots of questions! If you feel led to be part of our Worship experiences on Sundays, take the next step as listed below:
New Prospects will be asked to attend two rehearsals, alongside a Training Partner, to become comfortable with the technology, rehearsal process, and atmosphere of a normal week. If all goes well during those two rehearsals, you’ll be invited to join the team as a full member during an upcoming week!

Email Director of Worship Tim Peck for more information or to start your Incorporation Process: tpeck@tfumc.com.

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